Nighttime Navigation

A practical, hands-on, session (~4-5h) on nighttime navigation strategies and techniques. The course is run from October till late March, in the Ochils near Stirling, or the Pentlands near Edinburgh in groups of 2 - 4. Times to suit -- please get in touch.

Who Is It For?

This course is for anyone already familiar with basics of mountain navigation, who wants to sharpen up their nighttime / bad visibility navigation skills. The course is suitable for walkers and runners alike (no running involved).


Restricted visibility is the true touchstone of navigation skills. It is also when our ability to navigate matters most. When navigating in a complete darkness, or a whiteout, the stress levels are that little bit higher, sensory feedback is very restricted, errors are easier to make, harder to spot, and the consequences are often quite serious.

Consequently, navigation in restricted visibility is a very different type of a game to that on a good sunny day, requiring different strategies. The only way to become proficient at it is to practise it for real in a controlled environment.


The course aims to provide its participants with an opportunity to practise the skills necessary to develop, select and execute navigation strategies suitable for restricted visibility scenarios. After completion of this course, the participants will be able to independently develop these skills through ongoing practice.


This is a hands-on course in the hills. We will work through multiple navigation scenarios to practise the key techniques and skills.


  • Proficiency in the key navigation tools and techniques (see our Basic Mountain Navigation course),
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear (we will be moving off-path in rough, damp terrain),
  • Compass (must have a lined base plate and a magnifying glass; Silva Type 4 compass is highly recommended, Type 3 / Ranger is OK),
  • Stopwatch (any cheap stopwatch will do),
  • Headtorch + spare batteries.

(Maps will be provided.)


  • £55pp
  • £30pp for a group booking of 2+

Prices are inclusive of VAT.