So you clicked the arrow, wondering what it is about ...

Runs Less Epic is about rediscovering the most basic, yet often neglected, aspect of running: running as a means of travel, a way of exploring. It is about asking the simple question: if I can run five, ten, twenty miles, where could that take me?

Running so simply construed has much to offer. It takes us places we would not be able to reach otherwise. It forces us to dispense with the clutter of seemingly necessary paraphernalia, providing a fresh, more intimate, experience of our surroundings, and the simple pleasure of movement.

For the exploring runner, the Scottish hills are a genuine paradise. They are compact enough to be tackled by mere mortals, and yet big enough to completely remove us, for a few precious hours, from our mundane existence. The hills make us feel small and free at the same time, putting everything into a new perspective. Out there, through their inescapable magic, the past and the future are set aside, and we just are, here, now.

Where does your running take you? Are you curious about what lies out there, beyond the horizon of familiarity?